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That will turn you into a crochet garden master in less time than it would take you to crochet a blanket.

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Learn about each bloom before creating them. It always turns out better when you know the bloom from within

Instant access to over 50 crochet patterns from the shop

One brand new bundle of 2-3 patterns a month

One brand new garden club creation every single month plus any previous creation

Access the garden series plus new series that will be coming

 Access exclusive patterns you won't find anywhere else

 The only place you can come to crochet with crochet gardening friends

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This crochet garden club is not for everyone. But, it is for you if you …. 


  • Love crochet and are looking for something new
  • Want to bring your two favorite hobbies together (crochet and gardening)
  • Enjoy gardening, but it’s now a challenge
  • Love flowers but have allergies (like myself)
  • Looking for easy-to-do flower patterns
  • Want to create flowers with like-minded crafters
  • Want to take your crochet skills beyond your wildest dreams
  • Want to create beyond the ordinary garden flowers, plants and succulents


If this sounds anything like you, you're in the right place! 

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🌸 I enjoy knowing that when I have the time to relax and enjoy making a beautiful flower - I will always have my choice of many beautiful flowers to choose from. Leticia's patterns have always been my favorites for the years that I have bought her patterns. This club just makes it easier for me to get the new patterns. There is always loveliness awaiting me to be discovered. 

-Jo-An Prevatt


🌸 What makes me love this group. Ohhh Leticia designs flowers and I love flowers..... Her designs are so specific so intricate yet so easy to follow and make natural beauties...I get very little time to make all the patterns thanks to my 18 months baby girl. But still, I try my best to be in touch.

-Sharvari Gaidhani


🌸 I love the Garden Club. I love the beautiful flowers and plants we learn to make. Everyone in the club is very helpful. Leticia Baron your patterns are so beautiful and easy to follow. Your videos are easy to follow. I can’t wait to make more succulents and flowers with you. 

-Barbara L Pietrarosso


🌸 I am loving the garden club.  I love that there are so many patterns of all different kinds of flowers and leaves and succulents and that the instructions are clear and very well written.  I also like that the materials used are easily obtained.

-Karin Parna


🌸 I'm in love with all your patterns. They are so real like and the flowers that I have made with the patterns from Leticia I have got so many admirers. They are out of the world. I'm so lucky that by chance I came across this group on Facebook. Looking forward to more patterns.... So much on my to-do list obe better than the other.

-Corinne D'souza


🌸  I love that a designer is available to help and patterns are so concise that little help is ever needed. I get what I pay for, and more!

Jane Miller


🌸  I love the new club. I love knowing that something new will be out every month.

-Janet Deforge


🌸  I love the Garden Club because I can make whatever pattern I like on my own schedule. I knew that Leticia’s patterns are going to be both beautiful and easy to follow and make. There are going to be both ones we know and those that are more exotic. Leticia is always coming up with patterns that surprise us and is always giving us extras. 

-Joan LoBrutto


🌸  I absolutely love Leticia’s floral patterns. Her Garden Club is a wonderful addition to her crochet sites. Leticia has introduced me to so many beautiful flowers and plants that I didn’t know existed let alone that I could actually create! Leticia’s patterns are so well written. The accompanying pictures are so helpful. Leticia, you are so talented and such an inspiration to your group!💕🌷💕

-Linda Colello


🌸  I love the diversity of the patterns. And that you use whatever medium or method you can think of to get the result you want. Your patterns really inspire. And it's so sweet to see how invested you are in this Garden Club and in us enjoying it. Thank you!

-Kim Mooiweer